2021-06-20 03:06:16
The Pfizer vaccines, which the Palestinian Authority (PA) rejected on Friday due to close expiration date, were identical to those given to citizens inside Israel, the country's health ministry said.
2021-06-20 01:06:05
Evacuation was announced for parts of the Serbian city of Cacak after an explosion hit a local ammunition plant, setting it on fire. A similar blast caused major damage to the facility about two weeks earlier.
2021-06-20 00:06:55
Rescuers in the Belgian city of Antwerp have found the bodies of five construction workers after an unfinished school building partially collapsed on Friday, also injuring a dozen people and burying others under rubble.
2021-06-19 18:06:07
Pope Francis has approved a decree recognizing the 'heroic virtues' of French politician Robert Schuman, known as an 'architect' of the EU. The official decision is one of the first steps to Schuman potentially becoming a saint.
2021-06-19 17:06:52
Max Keiser talks to Carlos Toriello Herrerias (aka Carlino) about Bitcoin Lake in Guatemala and the hopes for the region after El Salvador made bitcoin legal tender.
2021-06-19 16:06:13
The Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster will have to remain an underground pasta-worshipping sect in Australia, after a tribunal ruled that the satirical religion was unworthy of formal recognition.
2021-06-19 16:06:07
The American ambassador to Russia, John Sullivan, has said he ?looks forward to returning to Moscow soon.? He has been absent from his posting since April amid heightened political tensions between the two military superpowers.
2021-06-19 15:06:57
An unauthorized party in France's Brittany region has had a truly chaotic start, as it was preceded by a night of clashes between the police and revelers, with five officers injured and one partygoer losing a hand in the violence.
2021-06-19 14:06:35
The Russian oil and gas industry is profiting from the significant rise in oil prices and the uptick in global demand for hydrocarbons.
2021-06-19 14:06:29
Central banks are trying to stay relevant in the cryptocurrency age, so they may make preposterous claims as a way of trying to get the world to pay attention to them, says economics writer Jeffrey Tucker.
2021-06-19 13:06:23
A helicopter transporting ballots cast during Iran's presidential election has crashed, resulting in one fatality and nearly a dozen injuries, according to media reports.
2021-06-19 12:06:47
The price of the world's major cryptocurrency, bitcoin, has pulled below the crucial $36,000 support level, amid global regulatory crackdowns and environmental concerns.
2021-06-19 09:06:37
The Industrial and Commerce Bank of China (ICBC) has enabled a feature allowing users to convert their digital yuan to cash at over 3,000 automated teller machine (ATM) locations in Beijing, Xinhua news agency reported.
2021-06-19 09:06:11
Candidates in Iran's presidential election have conceded the race to hardliner Ebrahim Raisi. Outgoing President Hassan Rouhani has also issued his congratulations, although the results have not yet been made official.
2021-06-19 09:06:10
Conservative judge Ebrahim Raisi has been declared the victor of Iran's presidential election. As the clear frontrunner, Raisi received congratulations from rival candidates hours before preliminary results were announced.
2021-06-18 23:06:57
Doses of Pfizer's Covid vaccine pledged by Israel were already too close to their expiration date when deliveries started on Friday, the Palestinian Authority (PA) said, cancelling the deal to exchange 1 million shots.
2021-06-18 20:06:44
Police in Hong Kong have charged two senior bosses of the Apple Daily newspaper with 'collusion with a foreign country' after officers entered the publication's offices on Thursday and arrested five members of staff.
2021-06-18 20:06:09
Two people have died after two explosions went off near the office of an army-backed political party in Myanmar's largest city, Yangon, on Friday, witnesses and rescue officials said.
2021-06-18 19:06:22
Liberian rebel commander Alieu Kosiah has been handed a 20 year prison sentence over charges of rape, killings and even cannibalism in the first war crimes trial in a civilian court in Switzerland.
2021-06-18 19:06:13
Former SAS corporal Ben Roberts-Smith has firmly rejected allegations he ever killed unarmed detainees in Afghanistan, as well as claims he ordered a rookie to kill unarmed Afghan men in a 'blooding' ritual.
2021-06-18 18:06:57
Lithuania is considering a scheme this week that would allow tourists staying in the country for over seven days to receive a Covid vaccination, also extending the offer to its nationals living abroad.
2021-06-18 18:06:28
An attempted sting operation backfired for Australian police, after they intercepted a shipment of cocaine, swapped it with icing sugar, then busted the recipient. Transporting icing sugar, it turns out, is not a crime.
2021-06-18 17:06:18
The 193-member United Nations General Assembly has voted in favor of reappointing Secretary-General Antonio Guterres for a second term. His new five-year stint is due to begin at the start of 2022.
2021-06-18 17:06:09
A Belgian court has said AstraZeneca only needs to supply the EU with 80 million doses of its Covid-19 vaccine, out of the 120 million sought by the bloc, but it faces fines if it misses certain set delivery targets.
2021-06-18 16:06:34
A United Nations report released on Friday found that the number of people around the world classified as refugees or asylum seekers rose to more than 82 million in 2020, as people continue to flee drawn-out wars and persecution.