2019-10-31 04:10:51
Hungarian PM Viktor Orban has hailed Russia's role as a stabilizing force in the Middle East, adding that the European nation is very interested in peace in Syria in view of the infamous migrant crisis.
2019-10-31 03:10:53
A criminal gang notorious for its brutality is gaining a foothold in major Swedish cities, police have warned. The drug-traffickers and people-smugglers from Nigeria are known for using 'black magic' to coerce people into crime.
2019-10-31 03:10:14
An inferno has erupted inside Japan's Shuri Castle, completely leveling parts of the 600-year-old UNESCO World Heritage site as emergency responders struggle to contain the flames.
2019-10-30 23:10:00
Twitter has officially banned political advertising, admitting there's no way to prevent bad actors from gaming the system by spreading disinfo and that they don't want to be responsible for potential negative outcomes.
2019-10-30 21:10:41
Water from a completely alien star system has been detected on the interstellar comet 2I/Borisov, which is currently passing through our space neighborhood.
2019-10-30 18:10:48
Tesla and SpaceX founder and CEO, and part-time memelord, Elon Musk, appears to have pledged to plant one million trees, on a whim and during an off-the-cuff Twitter conversation.
2019-10-30 18:10:00
Chile has pulled out of hosting the upcoming Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit in November and the COP25 climate change summit in December after weeks of anti-government protests.
2019-10-30 17:10:58
After a year of bickering, Facebook has agreed to pay a hefty fine for allowing its users? personal data to be secretly harvested and used in political campaigns.
2019-10-30 16:10:00
Denmark has given the green light for the Russia-led Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline to pass through its waters. Copenhagen's delay in granting permission has been the main hurdle to completing the project on time.
2019-10-30 16:10:00
Joint Turkish-Russian patrols will commence later this week as Kurdish forces continue leaving the 20-mile 'safe zone' along Syria's border with Turkey, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said.
2019-10-30 14:10:22
The Federal Reserve plans to inject $60 billion per month into the US economy which is showing signs of slowdown. It is reported to be preparing a rate cut next week but still claims that nothing is wrong with the system.
2019-10-30 14:10:00
The supreme leader of Iran, Ali Khamenei, has said the US and its Middle Eastern allies are to blame for the ongoing instability in Iraq and Lebanon. It comes after Lebanese PM Saad Hariri stepped down in response to protests.
2019-10-30 14:10:00
An Israeli soldier was sentenced to one month in prison after fatally shooting an unarmed Palestinian protester without his commander's permission during the unrest along the Israeli-Gazan border.
2019-10-30 14:10:00
A French-American artist has raised eyebrows across Germany after a three-meter bronze statue which immortalizes drug dealers appeared in a Berlin park.
2019-10-30 13:10:00
The world's biggest plane maker Boeing has been accused by members of the US Senate of putting profits before safety, and engaging in 'a pattern of deliberate concealment.?
2019-10-30 13:10:00
As Washington and Beijing continue to try to settle their differences over trade and to reach a partial agreement at least on that issue, recent US legislation on Hong Kong is likely to further anger China.
2019-10-30 11:10:00
German pharmaceutical giant Bayer reported on Wednesday that the number of US plaintiffs suing over weed killer Roundup has more than doubled over the past three months, reaching 42,700.
2019-10-30 10:10:00
A shooting at an outdoor Halloween party in Long Beach, California has left at least three people killed and as many as nine injured.
2019-10-30 08:10:00
Russian President Vladimir Putin is expected in Hungary today at the invitation of Prime Minister Viktor Orban. Whatever the results, their meeting will probably make US and the EU partners angry.
2019-10-30 08:10:00
An Indian state nuclear power plant operator issued a carefully worded statement after reports of malware at one of the power plants? systems snowballed into rumors of a North Korean cyber attack that allegedly crippled a reactor.
2019-10-30 05:10:00
Facebook's chat platform WhatsApp has launched a lawsuit against an Israeli cyber surveillance firm, ironically claiming it helped governments in over a dozen countries (other than the US) to access users? private data.
2019-10-30 03:10:00
Ankara has accused Washington of 'exploiting history' for political means after the US House overwhelmingly passed a set of bills acknowledging the 1915 Armenian genocide and calling for fresh sanctions against its NATO ally.
2019-10-29 23:10:00
The US was 'arrogant' to send its troops to guard oilfields in Syria, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has said, adding that it remains unclear from whom the installations need to be protected.
2019-10-29 22:10:00
Shigeru Miyamoto, the creator of Nintendo's Mario, has been designated Japan's Person of Cultural Merit. The honor has been bestowed upon Kabuki actors, composers, and manga artists, but this is a first for video game developers.
2019-10-29 22:10:00
A nine-year-old kung fu prodigy, Wang Xin, has gone viral across Chinese social media, and this footage of her impressive skills shows quite clearly why.