2020-01-26 18:01:44
Brazil produced more than 1 billion barrels last year, the first time it has breached the 1-billion-barrel mark, Reuters reports, citing the country's oil regulator, ANP.
2020-01-26 17:01:57
Police in Germany have launched an investigation after beer branded with Nazi-era symbolism was discovered on sale. The inflammatory alcohol was priced at an eyebrow-raising ?18.88.
2020-01-26 17:01:00
An injured mother and her baby girl spent nearly a whole day buried under debris after a deadly earthquake struck several cities in eastern Turkey.
2020-01-26 16:01:43
A father and son enjoying a fishing trip believe they captured footage of the mythical monster dubbed Ogopogo who, legend has it, lives in the murky depths of Canada's beautiful Okanagan Lake.
2020-01-26 16:01:00
Two people were reported killed and four others injured after a US embassy car apparently jumped a red light and rammed into the side of another vehicle in the Pakistani capital. Local reports claim a woman and a man have died.
2020-01-26 15:01:22
A Chinese blogger has landed in hot water after a video of her enjoying a 'bat dish' resurfaced amid an outbreak of a previously-unknown deadly coronavirus, which has been linked to bat meat.
2020-01-26 14:01:25
The once-powerful aunt of North Korea strongman Kim Jong-un, who had not been seen in public since the downfall and execution of her husband, has reappeared as a guest of honor at an official Lunar New Year's Day celebration.
2020-01-26 14:01:04
Spectacular images of one of the largest canyons on Mars have revealed layers of sandstone-like rock that may have formed a sodden ancient environment that could have supported life.
2020-01-26 13:01:31
The mysterious coronavirus is now spreading more rapidly and little is still known about it, China's senior health officials said, as Beijing grapples with shortages of hazmat suits and protective masks.
2020-01-26 13:01:00
Pakistan's minister for science and technology is under fire for a bizarre pitch to Netflix and Amazon which claimed that Pakistan has 'far better minds? than its neighbor India.
2020-01-26 12:01:58
Tehran's top diplomat has suggested the US president stop sourcing news from either Fox or his hapless Farsi translators, after Trump rejected negotiating with Iran, apparently missing a crucial nuance in a Der Spiegel interview.
2020-01-26 12:01:53
Investors shouldn't miss out on the strength of the current stock market, according to the head of one of the world's largest hedge funds Ray Dalio. He advises people to dump cash for a diversified portfolio.
2020-01-26 10:01:00
China's Agriculture Ministry has banned trade in wildlife nationwide to curb the outbreak of the deadly coronavirus. Wild animals consumed for food are believed to be the source of the outbreak.
2020-01-26 08:01:41
The new European Commission president has been trying to make fighting climate change the hallmark of her presidency. However, her proposals could further split the bloc and backfire, hurting the EU itself, analysts believe.
2020-01-26 08:01:00
The largest genetic sequencing study of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) ever conducted has found 102 genes associated with autism, a major step towards an eventual cure, which may involve genetic manipulation.
2020-01-26 08:01:00
Indian authorities averted a major attack on Republic Day when they killed three jihadist militants during a raid in Kashmir, including a mastermind behind the 2019 Pulwama blast, the country's army and police chiefs said.
2020-01-26 07:01:00
Top Indian government officials have reviewed safeguards already in place and potential crisis response measures, in case the rapidly spreading coronavirus outbreak, which has already killed 56 in China, spills across the border.
2020-01-26 02:01:00
The death toll from the 2019-nCoV coronavirus outbreak in China has reached 56, with hundreds of new infections detected nationwide, despite all containment efforts. A handful of news cases have also been reported outside China.
2020-01-26 01:01:00
Israel has carried out a series of airstrikes against Hamas targets in the Gaza Strip, in retaliation for multiple explosive and incendiary balloons launched from the enclave over the past few weeks.
2020-01-25 23:01:00
Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu and his rival Benny Gantz are to meet US President Donald Trump to finally unveil the 'deal of the century' peace plan. No Palestinian representative was invited, and a sovereign state looks unlikely.
2020-01-25 19:01:00
A 5.1 magnitude quake has struck Turkey's Elazig province, one day after a 6.8 tremor leveled buildings and killed at least 35 people.
2020-01-25 19:01:00
Online retailer Amazon is under fire for selling anti-Semitic children's books dating back to Nazi Germany in a range of languages including English, German, French and Spanish.
2020-01-25 18:01:08
The rallying markets aren?t as good as they seem, says Guggenheim Partners chief Scott Minerd. He likened inflation of asset prices caused by loose money policies of central banks to a ponzi scheme that eventually must collapse.
2020-01-25 17:01:00
China's President Xi Jinping has encouraged his nation to win over the deadly epidemic which has claimed 41 lives and saw the travel of millions restricted. He warned that the situation is grave and worrisome ? but not untenable.
2020-01-25 15:01:00
The heart wants what it wants, as Emily Dickinson once wrote. But the American poet could hardly have envisioned the case of a German woman who has revealed plans to wed 'the love of her life' ? a 40-ton jumbo jet.