Night Sky Realty company provides a full range of elite residential property management services in Saint-Petersburg and Moscow.
Dealing with your tenant and solving his problems takes a great deal of your time and efforts. At Night Sky Realty we realize that you would rather spend your time differently, focusing on the returns of your property portfolio, rather than fixing leaking pipes and settling another maintenance issues.
We have designed our comprehensive Property Management Service especially for those who value their time. Our highly professional consultants will control that the rental payment is made on time, carry out regular inspections of your property, provide you with necessary financial reports as well as with photo materials, if needed, interact with your tenant on all matters etc.
High-ranking corporate and well-off private tenants expect high-quality 24/7 service when they rent a property. That is why more and more clients nowadays choose apartments managed by professionals.
By using our Property Management Service you will spend your time more efficiently, while being certain that your tenants receive the essential professional care and your property remain in a perfect state and will not depreciate in its value.
Our comprehensive Property Management Service is designed to assist you at all stages of rental process and comprises the following:
Pre-rental Services
  • preliminary consulting on the current elite residential market situation
  • evaluation of the residential property and rental fee recommendation
  • advisory on the renovation, decoration and other improvements required in order to maximize its market value
  • making up marketing concept for promoting the property in mass media, Internet, advertising resources, special-purpose exhibitions etc
  • searching for tenants | corporate clients for long-term lease
  • carrying out presentations and viewings for the clients at the most convenient time
  • preliminary negotiations with client, agreeing the best possible rental terms
  • preparation of apartment upon the clients specification | specific satellite TV channels, high-speed Internet installation, other issues
  • assistance in purchasing furniture, household equipment, etc upon the clients request
  • full legal transaction support | signing of lease agreement (all relevant documents are drawn up in both Russian and English languages)
  • transaction and property insurance
  • firm guarantees for all services provided
In-use Services
  • 24/7 hot line for tenants | English speaking personnel
  • full coordination between the tenant and the landlord on all issues
  • control of monthly rental payments to the landlords account
  • supervision of public services payments
  • maintenance and cleaning services
  • regular inspections of the property checking its technical condition with further reporting to the owner
  • drawing up a quarter financial report for the landlord
Post-rental Services
  • consulting on contract extension, change of rental terms and contract termination
  • acting on behalf of the landlord in the course of a tenant check-out | fulfillment of tenancy termination terms, mutual settlement of accounts
  • reporting on the overall condition of the property with photo materials, if needed, and recommendations and details on any improvements should they be required
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