The St. Petersburg governmental authorities consist of:
• a legislative body - the Legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg;
• executive bodies - the Government of St. Petersburg and other executive bodies of St. Petersburg; and
• judicial bodies appointed by the Legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg - the Charter Court of St. Petersburg and Justices of the Peace.


The Legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg is the permanent state legislative body of St. Petersburg. It consists of 50 deputies elected for a period of 5 years, working on a full-time basis. The Legislative Assembly is headed by its Chairman, who represents the Legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg in relations with the state authorities of the Russian Federation, state authorities of the regions of the Russian Federation (hereinafter, 'subjects of the Russian Federation'), local authorities, other Russian and international authorities and organisations. The Legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg is located:
6 St. Isaac's Square, Mariinsky Palace, St. Petersburg, 190107
Reception for the general public: +7 (812) 570 32 77, +7 (812) 570 34 05, +7 (812) 570 30 22, +7 (812) 570 32 68
Head of Department/Reception. Manager: Natalia Vladimirovna Dudkina
The Reception for general public is located at 4 Per. Antonenko, e-mail:


In accordance with the Charter of St. Petersburg, executive bodies of St. Petersburg consist of:
• the Government of St. Petersburg - the supreme executive body of St. Petersburg headed by the city's top official - the Governor of St. Petersburg;
• other executive bodies of St. Petersburg.
The St. Petersburg Administration is headed by the Governor of St. Petersburg, who is appointed for a period of 5 years.


At present, the St. Petersburg Administration consists of the following branch bodies:

Committee for Landscape Planning and Roads

9 Karavannaya Ul., St. Petersburg, 191023; tel. +7 (812) 710 62 12; fax +7 (812) 710 60 60; e-mail:
Chairman: Oleg Arvovich Virolaynen
The Committee ensures improvements in the following areas: road and bridge maintenance, park, garden and forestry management, and maintainance of other facilities.

The Committee for Law, Law Enforcement and Security

Smolny, St. Petersburg, 191060; tel. +7 (812) 576 79 70; fax +7 (812) 576 43 74; e-mail:
Chairman: Leonid Pavlovich Bogdanov
The Committee develops and implements measures to improve law enforcement and security in St. Petersburg. It also develops and realises objectives in civil defence, fire safety and the protection of St. Petersburg's population and territory in emergency situations of both environmental and industrial natures.

The Committee for External Affairs of St. Petersburg

Smolny, St. Petersburg, 191060; tel. of the Chairman +7 (812) 576 72 04: tel. of the reception +7 (812) 576 71 13: fax +7 (812) 576 76 33; e-mail:
Chairman: Alexander Vladimirovich Prokhorenko
The Committee performs state management in the following areas: international and interregional cooperation, cross-cultural relationships in St. Petersburg.

Committee for State Control, Use and Protection of Historical and Cultural Monuments

1 Pl. Lomonosova, St. Petersburg, 191011; tel. of the Chairman +7 (812) 315 43 03; fax +7 (812) 710 42 45; e-mail:
Chairman: Vera Anatolievna Dementieva
The Committee is in charge of the accounting for, identification, preservation, use, popularization and protection of cultural heritage assets (historical and cultural monuments).

Committee for City Planning and Architecture

2 Pl. Lomonosova, St. Petersburg, 191023; tel. of the Chairman +7 (812) 315 52 16; fax +7 (812) 710 48 03; e-mail:
Chairman: Julia Evgenievna Kiseleva
The Committee is engaged in preparing proposals with regard to the allocation of land plots for construction sites, preparing and issuing architectural planning assignments and initial data for designs, preparing and issuing permits for construction (demolition), reconstruction and development of buildings and structures; maintaining the city planning cadastre, etc.

Housing Committee

11 Pl. Ostrovskogo, St. Petersburg, 191011; tel. +7 (812) 710 44 55; tel. of the Chairman +7 (812) 710 48 85; fax +7 (812) 710 47 26; e-mail:
Chairman: Yunis Halitovich Lukmanov
The Committee carries out activities in the following areas: managing, maintenance and repair, including capital repair, of St. Petersburg residential and non-residential buildings, housing and communal services reform; makes decisions on recognition of residential premises of the St. Petersburg state residential stock to be subject to re-classification into non-residential premises.

Committee for Health Care

1 Ul. Malaya Sadovaya, St. Petersburg, 191011; tel. +7 (812) 595 89 79; tel. of the Chairman +7 (812) 571 34 06; fax +7 (812) 314 18 14; e-mail:;
Chairman: Yury Alexandrovich Sherbuk
The Committee is engaged in developing St. Petersburg's programs aimed at improving healthcare, developing sanatoria and health resorts, preventing diseases and providing medical services to the population.

Committee for Land Resources and Land Planning in St. Petersburg

62 Suvorovsky Pr., St. Petersburg, 191124; tel. +7 (812) 740 36 39; fax: +7 (812) 740 36 41; e-mail:
Chairman: Valeriy Konstantinovich Kalugin
The Committee regulates land relations and maintains the St. Petersburg real estate cadastre. It also monitors land use in St. Petersburg.

The Committee for Investment and Strategic Projects

Entrance # 6 Smolny, St. Petersburg, 191060; tel. +7 (812) 576 69 88; fax +7 (812) 576 60 81; e-mail:;
Chairman: Maxim Yuryevich Sokolov
The Committee implements governmental policy of St. Petersburg in the area of investment, implementaion of strategic investment projects in St. Petersburg, development of tourism, public private partnership, hotel infrastructure and facilities in St. Petersburg.

Committee for Culture

40 Nevsky Pr, St. Petersburg, 191186; tel. +7 (812) 312 24 71; fax +7 (812) 710 55 15; e-mail:
Chairman: Anton Nickolaevich Gubankov
The Committee develops and implements governmental cultural policy and preserves Russian cultural heritage (historic and cultural monuments), archive and library holdings, etc..

Committee for Youth Policy and Cooperation with Public Organisations

31 Ul. Bolshaya Morskaya, St. Petersburg, 190000; tel. +7 (812) 315 35 67; fax +7 (812) 314 65 36; e-mail:
Chairman: Sergey Yurievich Grishin
The Committee develops and implements federal and local programmes concerning the interests of young people. The Committee assists in establishing and operating organisations aimed at resolving youth-related problems.

Committee for Science and Higher Education

Smolny, St. Petersburg, 191060; tel. +7 (812) 576 71 60; fax +7 (812) 576 77 04; e-mail:
Chairman: Andrey Stanislavovich Maksimov
The Committee defines and implements governmental policy in the area of secondary, higher, post-graduate, professional and further education, science, innovative activity in the sphere of science and higher professional education.

Committee for Education

8 Antonenko Per, St. Petersburg, 190000; tel. +7 (812) 570 31 79; fax +7 (812) 570 38 29; e-mail:
Chairman: Olga Vladimirovna Ivanova
The Committee implements federal and regional policy in the area of preschool, general, further, primary and secondary professional education.

Committee for Mass Media

Office 245, Smolny, St. Petersburg, 191060; tel. of the Chairman +7 (812) 576 79 83; fax +7 (812) 576 62 61; e-mail:
Chairman: Yury Yurievich Zinchuk
The Committee develops and implements measures aimed at the implementation of St. Petersburg governmental policy in the area of publishing, printing, distribution of books and periodicals, mass media and social advertising.

Committee for Nature Management, Environmental Protection and Environmental Safety

5/3 Kamennoostrovsky Pr., St. Petersburg, 197046; tel. +7 (812) 232 83 69; fax +7 (812) 232 83 27; e-mail:
Chairman: Dmitry Alexeevich Golubev
The Committee develops and participates in the implementation of environmental programmes, issues licenses granting the right to use natural resources and monitors compliance with nature management policies.

Construction Committee

76 Nab. Reki Moiki, St. Petersburg, 190000; tel. +7 (812) 570 30 30; fax +7 (812) 570 33 14; e-mail:
Chairman: Roman Evgenievich Filimonov
The Committee implements measures aimed at the development of construction and construction materials industries and organises tenders for construction under government orders, etc.

Transport Committee

83 Moskovsky Pr., St. Petersburg, 196084; tel. +7 (812) 576 55 10; fax +7 (812) 388 55 31; e-mail:
Chairman: Alexander Vladimirovich Kadyrov
The Committee implements state policy with regard to city and suburban transport, except for water transport, as well as intercity public motor vehicle transportation and traffic operations and building parking places in St. Petersburg.

Committee for Social Policy of St. Petersburg

6 Per. Antonenko, St. Petersburg, 190000; tel. of the Chairman +7 (812) 315 30 61; fax +7 (812) 315 30 60; tel. +7 (812) 315 31 05; e-mail:
Chairman: Alexander Nikolaevich Rzhanenkov
The Committee implements governmental policy and carries out public administration in the area of social protection of the St. Petersburg population.

Committee for City Property Management

Smolny, St. Petersburg, 191060; tel. +7 (812) 576 75 57; fax +7 (812) 274 10 26; e-mail:
Chairman: Igor Mikhailovich Metelsky
The Committee deals with the issues related to the privatisation of St. Petersburg state property and manages and disposes of city property.

Committee for Physical Training and Sport

22 Ul. Millionnaya, St. Petersburg, 191186; tel. +7 (812) 312 15 41; fax +7 (812) 315 97 95; e-mail:
Chairman: Vyacheslav Vladimirovich Chazov
The Committee ensures overall development of physical fitness and sport activities in St. Petersburg, organises sporting competitions in St. Petersburg and establishes international relations in the field of sport.

Committee for Finance of St. Petersburg

16 Voznesensky Pr., St. Petersburg, 190000; tel. +7 (812) 314 56 74; fax +7 (812) 570 39 39; e-mail:
Chairman: Eduard Victorovich Batanov
The Committee is responsible for preparing the budget of St. Petersburg, ensures compliance with the budget and implements state financial control.

Committee for Economic Development, Industrial Policy and Trade

16 Voznesensky Pr., St. Petersburg, 190000; tel. of the reception +7 (812) 315 51 52; fax +7 (812) 570 35 54; e-mail:;
Chairman: Sergey Dmitrievich Bodrunov
The Committee develops proposals on St. Petersburg's social and economic development strategies and industrial, financial and scientific research and development policy, drafts targeted investment programs and controls the public procurement process in St. Petersburg.

Committee for Energy and Engineering

4 Per. Antonenko, St. Petersburg, 190000; tel. of the Chairman +7 (812) 312 54 11; fax +7 (812) 570 39 01; e-mail:
Chairman: Oleg Borisovich Trishkin
The Committee ensures the stable operation and development of the St. Petersburg engineering and energy complex in St. Petersburg, as well as the engineering infrastructure.

Committee for Information and Communication

Smolny, St. Petersburg, 191060; tel. +7 (812) 576 71 23; fax +7 (812) 576 73 45; e-mail:
Chairman: Evgeny Gennadievich Tsivirko
The Committee exercises control in the area of information and communication, and is involved in creating and developing St. Petersburg's information and telecommunications infrastructure.

Committee for Transport and Transit Policy

Letter A, 10-12 Moskovsky Pr., St. Petersburg, 190031; tel. +7 (812) 310 50 50, +7 (812) 576 28 28; fax +7 (812) 310 05 05; e-mail:
Chairman: Nickolay Anatolievich Asaul
The Committee exercises state policy in the sphere of development of St. Petersburg as an international transport and transit centre.

Finance Controlling Committee of St. Petersburg

62 Suvorovsky Pr., St. Petersburg, 191060; tel. of the Chairman +7 (812) 576 42 83; fax +7 (812) 576 43 59; e-mail:
Chairman: Dmitry Alexeevich Burenin
The Committee organises and exercises control over the lawful, appropriate and efficient use of St. Petersburg budgetary funds by the executive bodies of the state authorities of St. Petersburg, state unitary enterprises and institutions of St. Petersburg, as well as other agencies and organisations receiving funds from the budget of St. Petersburg.

Tariff Committee of St. Petersburg

16 Voznesensky Pr., St. Petersburg, 190000; tel. +7 (812) 315 22 65; fax +7 (812) 315 15 43; e-mail:
Chairman: Dmitriy Viktorovich Koptin
The Committee exercises state policy of St. Petersburg on state regulation of electricity and heat energy tariffs, retale prices for natural and liquefied gas sold to the public and building maintenance offices, companies, managing apartment houses, homeowners associations for domestic purposes (except for gas for lessees of non-residential premises in residential houses and gas for vehicle fueling), tariffs for transportation and storage of detained motor vehicles in St. Petersburg.

Civil Status Registration Committee

39 Tavricheskaya Ul., St. Petersburg, 193015; tel. +7 (812) 271 79 43; fax +7 (812) 271 41 10; e-mail:
Chairwoman: Natalia Vladimirovna Beglova
The Committee oversees and monitors all civil registrations (birth, marriage, death) in accordance with the effective legislation in St. Petersburg.

Employment and Labour Committee

7 Galernaya Ul., St. Petersburg, 190000; tel. 312 92 36; fax 312 88 35; e-mail:
Chairman: Pavel Borisovich Pankratov
The Committee participates in the development and implementation of St. Petersburg's policy in labour issues and promoting employment in St. Petersburg, monitors state employment guarantees, and registers individuals in order to assist them in finding suitable employment.
The St. Petersburg executive bodies also include:
• Veterinary Agency of St. Petersburg;
• Social Catering Department;
• State Administration and Technical Inspectorate;
• St. Petersburg State Housing Inspectorate;
• St. Petersburg State Inspectorate for Monitoring the Technical Condition of Self-Propelled Vehicles and Other Types of Machinery;
• St. Petersburg Archive Committee;
• St. Petersburg Gardening and Market Gardening Department;
• State Construction Supervision and Examination Service of St. Petersburg;
• Administrations of districts of St. Petersburg.