2020-03-11 13:03:39
Turkey will take decisive action if the fragile ceasefire recently brokered between Moscow and Ankara in Idlib, Syria is broken, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has warned.
2020-03-11 12:03:23
The Trump administration has announced it will extend a license allowing US companies to continue doing business with China's Huawei Technologies until May 15. The previous license was set to expire on April 1.
2020-03-11 12:03:03
A trend of assaulting non-mainstream politicians over their views seems to be taking root in Germany, with a car owned by the head of the AfD party's Berlin branch being set on fire in the second such incident in over a week.
2020-03-11 11:03:54
US shale growth is about to decline, becoming an immediate victim of the Saudi-Russian price war.
2020-03-11 09:03:00
A military aircraft has crashed in Islamabad while performing routine training. The pilot was killed in the accident, according to local media. Police and rescue workers have cordoned off the crash site.
2020-03-11 08:03:56
A president of India's ruling BJP party in the state of West Bengal has said that people who turn out for prayer during mass events are immune to the coronavirus, as they enjoy the protection of higher forces.
2020-03-11 08:03:00
With Italy racked by a rapidly spreading COVID-19 outbreak, residents are piling up in elongated queues outside of storefronts, hoping to stock up on diminishing supplies while nationwide travel restrictions remain in place.
2020-03-11 05:03:07
The coronavirus outbreak has not killed anyone in India so far, but it has been absolutely lethal to the poultry industry, with a false rumor leading one farmer to destroy his entire livelihood.
2020-03-10 22:03:46
As Italy scrambles to enact strict quarantine measures to stem the rampant spread of the coronavirus, Pope Francis is issuing a very different directive to the priests under his command: get out and be with those who are sick.
2020-03-10 22:03:00
President Ashraf Ghani has signed a decree pardoning Taliban fighters held in Afghan prisons. The move was part of the peace deal Washington made with the group, but official Kabul hesitated to act on it, demanding guarantees.
2020-03-10 20:03:00
Another 168 people in Italy have died of the COVID-19 coronavirus, bringing the death toll to 631, while the total number of cases rose by over ten percent to 10,149. The entire country is locked down in quarantine.
2020-03-10 18:03:01
Veteran chickenhawk Lindsey Graham once again beat his over-used war drum, this time because he wants NATO to get involved in Idlib, Syria to stop ?Syrian aggression.' Yes, when will Syria stop intervening in its own country'
2020-03-10 17:03:52
It will take the oil market several months to recover from the current turbulence, Russian Energy Minister Alexander Novak said on Tuesday, adding that plummeting oil prices were not a surprise for Russia.
2020-03-10 17:03:31
Most of the world's stock markets rebounded on Tuesday following the worst crash since the 2008 financial crisis.
2020-03-10 17:03:26
Washington's special envoy for Syria has signaled that the US is exploring NATO involvement in Idlib, and said that any violations of the truce in the Syrian province could be punished with sanctions, according to reports.
2020-03-10 17:03:07
Lebanese banks have been imposing restrictive informal capital controls as the country has spiraled into its worst economic crisis in decades. Currency withdrawals are limited to between $50 and just a few hundred dollars a month.
2020-03-10 17:03:00
At least one person has died after a major explosion at the Proquibasa chemical plant in Barcelona, officials said. Witnesses say the blast shook nearby buildings, and emergency services are at the scene.
2020-03-10 16:03:00
The lower house of the Spanish Parliament has announced it will suspend all activities for one week after a deputy with the right-wing Vox party tested positive for coronavirus infection.
2020-03-10 15:03:32
American shale drillers are poised to be among the biggest losers in the Riyadh-launched oil price war, experts told RT. They say the kingdom's dramatic move will be 'painful? for the US fracking industry.
2020-03-10 15:03:00
The Covid-19 outbreak has been taking its toll on global supply chains and economic growth, but how governments are tackling the problem could have far worse economic consequences, an expert tells RT.
2020-03-10 14:03:00
The US was willing to give Turkey intelligence regarding Syria's Idlib, Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu has claimed, adding that the purchase of Russian anti-air systems won't prevent Ankara from acquiring Patriot missiles.
2020-03-10 14:03:00
Oil prices have gained around nine percent on Tuesday following the biggest one-day rout in nearly three decades, after Saudi Arabia threatened to boost production and offer discounts.
2020-03-10 13:03:23
According to one theory of how our moon formed, roughly 4.5 billion years ago a Mars-sized object collided with a newly-formed Earth. However, we could never confirm its existence. Until now...
2020-03-10 13:03:00
Riyadh's actions in the oil market could be a grave miscalculation and will definitely backfire, but they will not make Moscow dance to its tune, analysts have told RT.
2020-03-10 13:03:00
Austria is imposing a blanket ban on all people entering from Italy unless they have a medical certificate, Chancellor Sebastian Kurz has proclaimed, though Austrians currently in Italy are strongly encouraged to return.