?Roo must be kidding: Cyclist body slammed by marauding marsupial (VIDEO)

?Roo must be kidding: Cyclist body slammed by marauding marsupial (VIDEO)

The cyclist, identified only as Rebecca, was riding in the Boonah region of Queensland with friends on Friday, Australias official national day, when she was smashed by a roo who appeared from the bush and stormed across the road.

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The dramatic collision was caught on camera by a fellow cyclist and shared on YouTube. The uploader claims to be a friend of the unfortunate Rebecca and says the unlucky rider gave permission for them to share footage of the bizarre takedown.

Rebecca suffered a subluxation of the AC on her right shoulder (where the 'roo hit her) and a laceration on her left knee, but has a good laugh about it now, 2 days later (and doesn't mind me sharing it here), reads the YouTube videos description.

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Unsurprisingly, the ruthless kangaroo bounced away, seemingly unaware of the destruction or trail of video evidence it had just left behind.

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Published time: 2018-01-29 19:01:56
Source: www.rt.com