Russian babushka wades barefoot through river in bitter cold (VIDEO)

Russian babushka wades barefoot through river in bitter cold (VIDEO)

Theres no bridge to help Lyudmila Galikova get to the nearest grocery store, so wading through the river has become a part of her daily routine.

The video shows the head-scarfed babushka calmly taking off her warm Valenki boots and standing barefoot in the snow for several minutes before crossing the freezing river, making sure her skirt doesnt get wet.

- So, you dont need a bridge, do you? she is asked in the video, published by
- Yes, I do, Lyudmila replies. There was too much water in the river in the past year. Id buy a lot of bread, but the problem is I have to hold both my clothes, my bag, and the bread while crossing the river.

Lyudmila says walking by road would take her 40 minutes to get to the store, but the cross-river route takes only a quarter of an hour. She is a true optimist: Where there's a will, there's a way, she says.

Meanwhile, social media users have lashed out at the local authorities, urging them to build a bridge, while noting that crossing a river might not be the best option for everyone.

Published time: 2018-02-01 00:02:17