Demonstrators swarm Tel Aviv to decry Netanyahu-Gantz 'unity deal' as affront to justice system (VIDEO)

Demonstrators swarm Tel Aviv to decry Netanyahu-Gantz 'unity deal' as affront to justice system (VIDEO)

Some 2,000 protesters filled Tel Avivs Rabin Square on Saturday evening in the second such mass action against the unity government in a week. Envisioned by the deal between Netanyahus right-wing Likud party and Gantzs centrist-liberal Blue and White the two struck on Monday, the so-called unity government is set to bring an end to a year-long political impasse, brought by two inconclusive elections in a row.

The participants of the black flag rally have accused Netanyahu of trying to undermine the judiciary system by clinging to power, while being indicted in three corruption cases. His trial is now set to kick off on May 24 - almost two months later than its original date of Marc 17.

The demonstrators also heaped scorn on Gantz, who saw his support plummeting after the deal was inked, while accusing him of giving Netanyahu too much sway over the Judicial Appointments Committee that now has a right-wing majority.

The protesters, donning masks and waving black as well as Israeli flags, sought to stand some 2 meters apart from each other - that is to adhere to social distancing guidelines enforced under the coronavirus lockdown.

Saturdays protest is similar to the one held a week ago - a first its kind in the times when global Covid-19 lockdowns have overshadowed almost all other political issues, with large public gatherings being outlawed in most of the countries.

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Although police eventually greenlit the rally as it is, Israeli Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan suggested on Friday law enforcement limit the number of demonstrators, voicing concerns officers would be unable to keep a watchful eye over protesters staying two meters apart.

The suggestion, however, was reportedly shot down by Israeli Attorney General.

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Published time: 2020-04-26 01:04:00