2022-11-26 19:11:39
While left-wing protesters are calling on the government to provide accommodation, right-wingers say immigration is the problem
2022-11-26 19:11:34
Bullying and abuse is rife within the ranks of the department, an 'Independent Culture Review' found
2022-11-26 18:11:36
The man was fired from a Paris consultancy in 2015 for refusing 'to partake in various excesses'
2022-11-26 18:11:27
More than 40% of those polled think the former chancellor was better than her successor Olaf Scholz
2022-11-26 18:11:13
The man likely spent more than 15 hours in the sea, a US Coast Guard official said 
2022-11-26 17:11:34
Mali has banned Paris-backed NGOs after almost a decade of unsuccessful French attempts to gain a foothold
2022-11-26 17:11:07
Denmark's self-governing Faroe Islands have renewed a fishing deal with Moscow
2022-11-26 16:11:33
Hikvision has denied that it could supply British customers' data to third parties
2022-11-26 16:11:12
The FTX platform's bankruptcy has underscored the need for stricter oversight, according to IOSCO
2022-11-26 15:11:43
The restrictions target telecom giants Huawei and ZTE, along with several other firms
2022-11-26 15:11:22
The eco-activist has joined a class action lawsuit against the state over its allegedly flawed climate policies
2022-11-26 13:11:58
The country's holdings, including those frozen by Western sanctions, have surpassed $540 billion
2022-11-26 13:11:37
Details of the secret recording have emerged during a major fraud and embezzlement trial
2022-11-26 13:11:34
The inoperable guns are being transferred to Poland for repairs, the report says
2022-11-26 11:11:50
Several hundred Russian freight cars were seized by the Finnish authorities earlier this year
2022-11-26 11:11:35
Diplomats have condemned American attacks on a bill banning "propaganda" related to "non traditional lifestyles"
2022-11-26 10:11:07
The bear phase is not over yet, according to the investment bank
2022-11-26 08:11:27
The additional revenue will finance subsidies for households and businesses to pay gas and power bills
2022-11-26 08:11:18
The billionaire said he could launch his own smartphone if Twitter is booted off popular platforms
2022-11-26 08:11:00
The bloc is facing difficulties replacing Russian gas supplies
2022-11-26 07:11:37
The liberal PM said demonstrations are 'worrisome' when they seek direct 'changes to public policy'
2022-11-26 04:11:22
The incident comes amid T'rkiye's ongoing military operation against US-allied Kurdish militias
2022-11-26 02:11:15
Belgrade is expected to sanction Russia over Ukraine's territorial integrity, but give up its own in Kosovo
2022-11-26 00:11:10
Blue, gray, and gold checkmarks will distinguish different kinds of Twitter accounts this time around
2022-11-25 23:11:00
A firefight between human traffickers on the Hungarian border prompted sweeping police action