2017-12-07 01:12:29
A meteorological expert is seeking to enter the Guinness World Records after filming what he believes to be the longest lasting rainbow on record.
2017-12-07 00:12:40
Having failed to secure a foothold in France and Belgium, a Norwegian dating website has now brought billboards encouraging cash-strapped students to snag themselves a rich "sugar daddy" or "sugar mama" to Switzerland.
2017-12-07 00:12:04
A newly discovered pair of gigantic ?Goliath? galaxies contain a trove of black matter so enormous that scientists say it almost calls into question our current understanding of the evolution of the cosmos.
2017-12-06 23:12:57
US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has said that "it?s important" that President Bashar Assad is part of talks on the future of Syria. He added that Washington has asked Moscow to facilitate the Syrian government's involvement in the Geneva negotiations.
2017-12-06 22:12:00
Mahmoud Abbas has condemned Washington's decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital. He said it negates the US' right to be a mediator in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, while stating that Jerusalem remains the ?eternal capital? of Palestine.
2017-12-06 21:12:34
A 37-year-old woman has been arrested in Brazil for allegedly killing a teenage girl who was eight months pregnant ? and cutting out her baby.
2017-12-06 21:12:00
Donald Trump has officially announced his decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, where he plans to relocate the American embassy. The US President admitted the move will cause dissent, but says it could help resolve the Arab-Israeli conflict.
2017-12-06 20:12:52
Russia?s first fifth-generation Sukhoi Su-57 fighter jet, known during its development as PAK FA and T-50, has performed its maiden flight with a new engine, designed specifically for the cutting-edge military plane.
2017-12-06 20:12:00
The thirteen patriarchs and church heads in Jerusalem have written an open letter to US President Donald Trump, telling him that his decision to recognize its status as Israel?s capital will cause ?irreparable harm.?
2017-12-06 19:12:05
Switzerland?s national train operator has successfully tested the autonomous running of a locomotive capable of reaching speeds of up to 200kph (125mph).
2017-12-06 19:12:00
The Russian General Staff has declared the liberation of Syria from Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS), stating that all territories previously under terrorist control were liberated in the final push by the Syrian Army.
2017-12-06 18:12:22
A French court has ordered a halal grocery store in Paris to shut down because it did not sell pork and alcohol, and failed to cater for the needs of the customers.
2017-12-06 17:12:20
A new study by NASA scientists has led them to believe ?planetary collisions are at the core of our solar system?s formation.?
2017-12-06 17:12:00
Vladimir Putin received a rapturous reaction from a Moscow crowd when asked whether he planned to run again for president, hours before he announced his nomination.
2017-12-06 17:12:00
Vladimir Putin has confirmed that he will seek another term in office in next year?s presidential election.
2017-12-06 17:12:00
An AirBaltic plane arriving from Riga, Latvia has skidded off a runway at Moscow?s Sheremetyevo International Airport. The incident has resulted in the runway being closed.
2017-12-06 16:12:41
Pope Francis says he cannot remain silent about a White House plan to recognize Jerusalem as Israel?s capital. The head of the Holy See called for the city?s ?status quo? to be respected, adding the US move could exacerbate ?cruel conflicts.?
2017-12-06 16:12:00
And there you have it: the winner of our person of the year for 1917 ? as per your votes ? is none other than Vladimir Lenin: a man as uncompromising in his beliefs as he is in the resolve to see the mission through.
2017-12-06 16:12:00
A Chinese regional daily has published a piece advising citizens of Jilin Province, which neighbors North Korea, on what to do in the event of a nuclear attack. The guide includes colorful cartoons.
2017-12-06 15:12:40
Locals from a town in Ireland, which is home to US viagra manufacturer Pfizer, say fumes from the factory are having an arousing effect on men, women and dogs alike.
2017-12-06 15:12:00
RT America?s registration as a ?foreign agent? in the US ultimately led to them losing accreditation on Capitol Hill, but US Ambassador to Russia Jon Huntsman does not see a link between the two events.
2017-12-06 14:12:00
The International Olympic Committee?s (IOC) decision to ban the Russian Olympic Committee (ROC) from the 2018 Winter Games in PyeongChang is yet another attempt to ?isolate? the country, the Russian Foreign Ministry says.
2017-12-06 13:12:00
Despite IOC?s assurances that it?s politically neutral, banning Russia from the Winter Olympics is precisely a politically motivated decision, says sociology professor at Aston University Ellis Cashmore. Other analysts also commented on the matter to RT.
2017-12-06 13:12:00
World leaders are expressing concern over the Trump administration?s decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel?s capital and move the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. A number of demonstrations are planned across the Arab world in the coming days.
2017-12-06 13:12:00
As the Russian Olympic Committee is banned from the 2018 Winter games, we take a look at countries who have suffered the same collective punishment.